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    Welcome, activity coordinators, to our step-by-step guide on hosting the Paris Olympics for Seniors in your aged care facility! 🏅

    The games will be held on Friday 26th July – Sunday 11 August 2024

    Step 1: Opening Ceremony

    Kick off the Paris Olympics with a grand opening ceremony! Start by having the Olympic flame carried around the building, inside and outside, with residents passing the flame to each other until it reaches the activity room.

    Olympic Torch Craft Directions below:

    Step 2: Decorate in Paris Style

    Transform the activity room into a Parisian paradise! Adorn the space with large cardboard cutouts of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Cathedral of Notre Dame, and Arc De Triomphe. Create French-themed shopfronts and hang travel posters on the walls. Don’t forget to include the Olympic rings logo and a makeshift podium for medal ceremonies.

    Step 3: Wave the Flags

    As the Olympic flame enters the room, have residents wave their country’s flags enthusiastically while the iconic tune of “Chariots of Fire” plays in the background.

    Chariots of Fire Theme Song:

    Step 4: Lighting the Flame

    Create a symbolic moment by lighting a large bowl with a cellophane flame, where the carried torch flame is dipped to mark the beginning of the 2024 Olympic Games.

    Step 5: Opening Speech

    Invite the Facility Manager to give a short speech, welcoming everyone to the games and wishing them good luck. Conclude with an enthusiastic “Let The Games Begin!” to rally the crowd.

    Step 6: Sporting Games Galore

    Plan a variety of sporting activities throughout the week, such as Bean Bag Toss, Pool Noodle Hockey, Seated Pass Ball, Indoor Seated Volleyball, and Bob’s Bowls.

    Step 7: Medal Competitions

    Organize daily sporting competitions and award medals to all the winners. Ensure that everyone receives at least one or two medals to keep as souvenirs.

    image credit: Julia Medvedeva

    Step 8: French-themed Activities

    Keep the Parisian spirit alive with daily French-themed events, including a French Quiz, Armchair Travel to Paris, French High Tea, French cooking sessions, and French language lessons.

    Step 9: Dress to Impress

    Encourage staff and residents to dress up in French attire throughout the week. Think black-and-white striped T-shirts, red scarves, berets, and other French-inspired accessories.

    Step 10: Capture Memories

    Set up a photo booth with French props and capture everyone’s excitement and joy throughout the Paris Olympics.

    image credit: Julia Medvedeva

    Step 11: Watch and Cheer

    Encourage residents to watch sporting events on TV and keep them informed of their country’s progress in the medal count.

    Step 12: Closing Ceremony

    Conclude the week with a memorable closing ceremony, where you announce the top-performing teams and thank everyone for their participation. End the event with a collective rendition of “We Are The Champions” by Queen.

    “We Are The Champions” by Queen.

    Step 13: Happy Hour

    Wrap up the festivities with a delightful Happy Hour, complete with refreshments and finger food for all to enjoy.

    This comprehensive guide will ensure a memorable and enjoyable Paris Olympics experience for seniors in aged care!

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