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    Make personalized Christmas Scrabble Tile Ornaments using old scrabble letters. Many scrabble games get thrown aside or pieces go missing you could use them to make Christmas crafts. I picked up a scrabble game in a goodwill shop for $3 but scrabble tiles can be bought online cheaply to use for craft projects. You can glue words like Joy, peace, love or glue people’s names on their decoration to personalize it.

    How to make Christmas Scrabble Tile Ornaments

    Discover the ways on how you can make a Christmas Scrabble Tile with our easy to follow step-by-step blog. Are you ready? Let’s start the craft!

    You will need:

    Ready the following materials for the craft:

    • Scrabble Letters
    • Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun
    • Ribbon
    • Twine or any kind of rope
    • Jingle Bells (Optional)
    Christmas Scrabble Tile Ornaments Materials


    • Grab your Scrabble letters and ribbon! Lay the ribbon flat next to the letters. Measure how much ribbon you’ll need to cover the letters, leaving extra space at the top for a bow and to fold over the end.
    • Heat up your glue gun! Once the glue is hot, carefully glue the Scrabble letters onto the ribbon in your desired design. After the letters are secure, glue on a pretty bow to the top of the ribbon.
    • For hanging, cut a piece of twine. Tie the twine into a loop and thread it through the top of the ribbon, where the extra space is.
    • Now, fold the top of the ribbon over the twine loop to create a clean finish. Press the folded ribbon down firmly and secure it with glue.
    • Feeling festive? Glue a string of bells onto the back of your ribbon for some extra jingle! If bells aren’t your style, you can leave it plain.

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