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    General Knowledge Trivia has been very popular for seniors in aged care! In this quiz we have selected a great bunch of questions specifically with seniors in mind. Find the printable version via the link at the bottom.

    1.   What do you call a group of cattle?  (A) A herd

    2.      Who was the famous escape artist who’s first name is Harry? (A) Houdini

    3.      What do we call the emissions from a Chimney?  (A) Smoke

    4.       Annual council taxes starting with R?  (A) Rates

    5.      The bottom of a wine glass?  (A) Stem

    6.       To get sacked from a job is to be?  (A) Fired

    7.      What was the name of Queen Elizabeth 11 husband?  (A) Phillip

    8.     Angel hair, Lasagne, Ravioli, Cannelloni is what starting with P?  (A) Pasta

    9.       To be near someone is to be very (what)?  (A) Close

    10.     Someone who paints pictures?  (A) Artist

    11. Buyer’s protection for 12 months (starting with the letter W)?  (A) Warranty 

    12.    For something to be only available short term is to be only? (starting with T)  
    (A) Temporary

    13.     To envy someone is to be (what)?  (A) Jealous

    14 .    If you speak in Celtic tongue, which language do you speak?  (A) Gaelic

    15.     A group of whales is called a (what)?  (A) Pod

    16.     A pig pen is also known as a (what)?  (A) Sty

    17.     Beginning with the letter E, what word do we use to describe something worn away?  
    (A) Erode, Eroding

    18.     What is Scarlett’s surname from the movie “Gone with the Wind”?  (A) Ohara

    19. In the Bible, who is the mother of Jesus Christ?
    (A) Mary

    20. How many legs do spiders have? (A) 8

    21. What is the country of Turkey’s largest city?
    (A) Istanbul

    22. In Greek mythology, who was doomed to carry the heavens on his shoulders? (A) Atlas

    23. What chess piece can only move diagonally?
    (A) Bishop

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