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    Welcome to Memory Lane Therapy’s second General Knowledge Trivia Quiz for seniors! This is an easy quiz that will challenge the memory and encourage some reminiscing amongst residents and staff in aged care. This can be enjoyed as a social activity anytime!

    If you missed our first very popular General Knowledge Quiz you can find it here.

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    The A4 printable version of the quiz can be found at the bottom of this page.

    1.  A noise made by a duck  
    (A) Quack

    2.  Who was the first woman pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic?  
    (A) Amy Johnson

    3.  Which animal is on the Porsche logo?  
    (A) Horse

    4.  Who is the patron saint of Ireland?  
    (A) Saint Patrick

    5.   Dog breed often used by visually impaired people?  
    (A) Labrador

    6.  What is the Australian – New Zealand dessert with a meringue base?  
    (A) Pavlova

    7.  Being by one’s self is being ….?  
    (A) Alone  

    8. Blank spaces are ….?  
    (A) Gaps

    9.   If you are required you are?  
    (A) Needed

    10. Australian oatmeal biscuits are called?  
    (A) Anzacs

    11. Name the famous Auction website beginning with the letter E?  
    (A) Ebay

    12. A place you can visit exotic animals in the city?  
    (A) Zoo

    13. Which country gave New York the Statue of Liberty?  
    (A) France

    14. Starting with D what were dance clubs called in the 1970s & 1980s?  
    (A) Disco’s

    15. Starting with W what is it to greet someone enthusiastically & warmly?  
    (A) Welcome

    16. To be very dry and craving a drink?  
    (A) Thirsty

    17. To sit a test is also known as sitting an?  
    (A) Exam

    18. The glass part of reading glasses?  
    (A) Lenses

    19. A hair wave treatment?  
    (A) Perm

    20. Name the art of Japanese paper folding?  
    (A) Origami

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