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    In the diverse world of activities in aged care, Saint George’s Day stands out as a symbol of courage and unity. Recognized globally as the ‘dragon-slaying’ saint, Saint George occupies a special place in the hearts of our senior community.

    Let’s delve into intriguing details about this legendary figure, offering aged care coordinators interesting content to bring joy to the lives of the residents they care for.

    An A4 printable version of the below facts can be printed by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

    • Saint George, is widely known as the ‘dragon-slaying’ saint, holds a prominent place in the Christian faith, and is revered globally.

    • He is not only the patron of England; ten more countries and another nine cities worldwide claim him as a patron.

    • St George is believed to have been a third-century Roman soldier, who was born in Cappadocia (modern-day Turkey), to a noble Greek family.

    • Saint George’s story was influenced by Brazilian African culture. In Salvador, Bahia, tradition says that Saint George looks carefully at the moon, and you can see the figure of St. George fighting the dragon. Children in Brazil enjoy looking at the moon to spot the Warrior Saint killing the dragon.

    • In 1620, when the Pilgrim Fathers arrived on the Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor, New England, one of the Flags flown on the foremast of the ship was Saint George’s emblem: a red cross on a white background.

    • Celebration of St George’s Feast Day had waned over the years in England until Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, led a campaign of encouragement in the 1990s. The public responded and these days you can see parades, feasts, Maypole, and Morris dancing as well as Jousting Tournaments on Saint George’s Day.

    • St. George is connected to agriculture. His feast day is in April, which is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s where crops begin to grow and many people prayed for a good harvest.

    Planning for a Celebration?

    This is your chance to take our beloved Seniors into a festive celebration of St. George’s Day. Click the image or button below for St. George’s Day celebration ideas.

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