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    Celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr in aged care with his famous speech, a discussion on his life and times, and a quiz.

    He was an activist and a minister who pushed for equality for all Americans with speeches and non-violent protests. This federal holiday always falls on the 3rd Monday of January each year. The entire nation pauses in remembrance of a civil rights hero. In your aged care setting, you could have a morning tea, watch some footage of Mr. King on the screen and listen to his famous speech “I have a dream”.

    Run a quiz about Martin Luther King and play some beautiful gospel music. I am sure many of your residents would be happy to share some memories with everyone about the civil rights movement and about those times in the 50s and 60s.

    A Printable A4 version of this quiz can be found at the bottom of the page.

    Which Indian man influenced Martin Luther King with his use of non-violent means?

    Who was Martin Luther King married to?
    Coretta Scott King

    Who assassinated Martin Luther King?
    James Earl Ray

    In what year did Martin Luther King receive a Nobel Peace Prize?

    In 1955 Rosa Parks was jailed for doing what?
    Not giving up her seat at the back of the bus

    Which song is the most associated with Martin Luther King?
    “We Shall Overcome”

    In 1981 a single called “Happy Birthday” was written & performed by which singer about Martin Luther Kings birthday, he was also one of the main figures to campaign for a national holiday on MLK birth date?
    Stevie Wonder

    What speech given by Martin Luther King in august 1963 was considered one of the greatest speeches in the 20th century?

    “I Have A Dream”

    Where was this great speech given?
    Lincoln Memorial Washington

    Which Monday in January is the Martin Luther King holiday planned?
    The 3rd Monday in January

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