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    Mickey Mouse first hit the screens back in 1929 and has appeared in over 130 films, seniors living in residential care have all enjoyed a Mickey Mouse cartoon at some point in their childhood, hosting this quiz is a great way to reminisce.

    A printable version can be found at the bottom of the page.

    1. Mickey Mouse has his birthday on the 18th November, his girlfriend also shares the same birthday, what is her name?  (A) Minnie Mouse

    2. Mickey has a good friend who is a duck, what is his name?  (A) Donald Duck

    3. Donald Duck has a girlfriend, what is her name? 
      (A) Daisy Duck

    4. The original Disneyland is in which city in the USA? 
      (A) Los Angeles

    5. Mickey first came to the screen in 1928 in the cartoon/ movie named what? 
      (A) Steamboat Willy

    6. Who was the original voice of Mickey Mouse for nearly 20 years?  (A) Walt Disney

    7. What colour are Mickey Mouses’ gloves?  (A) White

    8. What colour shorts does Mickey wear?  (A) Red

    9. How many buttons are on Mickey’s red shorts? 
      (A) Two

    10. What colour is Mickey’s shoes?  (A) Yellow

    11. What colour is the bow in Minnie Mouses hair? 
      (A) Red (sometimes has polka dots)

    12. In 1978 Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to get what on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?  (A) Star

    13. Mickey had a pet dog what was his name? 
             (A) Pluto

    14. Walt Disney’s wife Lillian persuaded Walt to change the name of the mouse cartoon character’s original name from what to Mickey? (Hint starts with M) 
    (A) Mortimer Mouse

    1. A popular children’s TV show in the USA in the 1950s was a club and they would sing and spell out  M. I. C. K. E. Y.  M. O. U. S. E. what was it called? 
      (A) Mickey Mouse Club

    2. These famous singers Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake joined and starred in the Mickey Mouse Club TV series in 1993 they were known as? 
      (A) Mouseketeers

    3. What did the children wear on their heads in the TV show? 
      (A) A signature black cap with mouse ears

    4. In Mickey’s first few appearances he would whistle, laugh, cry etc. what was his first spoken words on the screen?  (A) Hot Dogs (In the movie Karnival Kid, he was selling hot dogs)

    5. What kind of animal was Mickey’s friend Goofy?  (A) Dog

    6. Who plays Walt Disney in the movie “Saving Mr. Banks“?  (A) Tom Hanks

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