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    Are you looking for a fun and engaging activity to celebrate Mother’s Day with the seniors in your care?

    Our Mother’s Day quiz is designed to spark memories and stimulate conversation, while also testing knowledge of this special day. With questions ranging from historical facts to fun trivia, the Mother’s Day Quiz is sure to be a hit with seniors and caregivers alike.

    It’s easy to set up and can be done in a group or one-on-one setting. So, gather your residents or loved ones and get ready for some Mother’s Day fun!

    An A4 printable version of the quiz can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Which mother was famous for taking care of the poor in India and never had any children of her own?
    Mother Teresa

    Which artist painted a famous painting of his mother?
    James Whistler

    “Mothers Ruin” is which alcoholic drink?


    What was President W Bush’s mother’s name?
    Barbara Bush.

    Who was the last Empress of India?
    Queen Mother

    Who is Prince William & Prince Harrys mother?
    Princess Diana

    Nacre is known more commonly as?
    Mother of Pearl

    Who is the mother of Baby Pebbles in the cartoon The Flintstones?
    Wilma Flintstone

    Wilma’s friend in the cartoon had a young son called Bam Bam, what was his mother’s name?

    Betty Rubble

    Which actress played Forest Gump’s mother in the movie?
    Sally Field

    Who sang the hit song Sylvia’s Mother?
    Dr Hook

    Which almond cake is traditionally baked for Mothering Sunday?
    Simnel Cake

    Which mother went to the cupboard to get her poor dog a bone?
    Mother Hubbard

    Carrie Fisher was an actress famously known for her role in Star Wars as Princess Leia, when she died her mother died the next day.
    Who was Carrie Fisher’s mother?

    Debbie Reynolds

    Who was Liza Minnelli’s mother?
    Judy Garland

    What flower is known as the Mother’s Day flower?
    Carnation and Chrysanthemum in Australia

    Michael Crawford played Frank Spencer in what popular TV show?
    Some Mothers Do Have em

    Finish this famous quote, All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to………..

    My Angel Mother.

    Who wrote that famous quote?
    Abraham Lincoln

    In the Guinness Book of Records, it is recorded that a Russian mother gave birth to a staggering, how many children? Have a guess?

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