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    Music and Movies is a great topic for seniors to discuss and reminisce about, let this quiz not only test their knowledge but also spark some conversation from an era that is dear to their hearts.

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    A Printable A4 version of the quiz can be found below.

    1. Julie Andrews starred in a movie based in Austria looking after a young family, she sang the hills are alive with the sound of what?  (A) Music

    2. Willy Wonka owned what kind of factory?
      (A) Chocolate

    3. Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta starred in what movie as Sandy & Danny?  
      (A) Grease

    4. What was the name of the famous 1950s Musical starring the character Milly Pontipee about a group of brides and brothers?
      (A) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

    5. Lee Marvin was in this western comedy “Paint your ______?”  (A) Wagon

    6. A great movie and musical show was “Fiddler on the what?”  (A) Roof

    7. “A spoon full of sugar makes the _______ go down” in the movie Mary Poppins?  
      (A) Medicine

    8. What movie title did Yule Brenna star in: “The ______ and I?”  (A) King 

    9. In the wonderful movie starring Judy Garland as a child named Dorothy and her dog Toto go on a great adventure to find the Wizard of Oz, what colour brick road did they have to go down?  (A) Yellow

    10. Gene Kelly starred in the movie called: “Singing in the ______?”  (A) Rain

    11. An English Dickens is a tale about a young orphan who asks for more at dinner with his bowl. What was his name?  (A) Oliver

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