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    This is a fun activity to do in aged care where couples cook a recipe together and present it to a panel of judges, just like the TV show My Kitchen Rules.

    It’s also a good bonding activity for families and friends as the couples can consist of a Dad & Daughter, Mum & Daughter and a staff member with a resident – any combination but have a younger person with a resident for support.

    How to run a My Kitchen Rules Activity

    Partner up!

    Choose 3 to 4 teams, or as many as your kitchen can facilitate.
    You could use smaller portable ovens, electric frypans or air fryers, even a non-bake recipe could be made.

    Plan some simple recipes and ingredients

    Discuss in the planning leading up to the day.
    Choose recipes and what ingredients need to be purchased.
    It could be a slice competition or dessert (keep the recipes simple) and no more than an hour from start to finish.

    Prepare your kitchen

    Have a separate table for each team and all the cooking utensils laid out, spoons, mixers, measurers, bowls, etc for each team.

    Dress for the occasion

    Supply aprons and chef hats for each contestant,  they look great in the photos!

    Make it a special event!

    Encourage an audience and invite everyone to come and watch and cheer the contestants on. They can enjoy a coffee or tea while watching.

    MC to build the excitement!

    Have an MC run the activity with a microphone they can interview the teams while they are cooking and let the audience know what is happening.

    Competition Judges and Prizes

    Have a team of 3 judges on a table where all the dishes can be presented and sampled. Residents and people from the audience can also have the opportunity to test some dishes.
    Announce the winners over the microphone and get everyone to cheer!
    Award a trophy to the winning team, and medals for the runners-up.

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