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    Oktoberfest is an annual German celebration for worlds largest beer fest and traveling funfair!
    It is a great theme day to celebrate in aged care and there are many fun activities you can do based around this event!
    Don’t worry, they don’t all have to be about beer drinking – we have provided some helpful ideas below!

    When to Celebrate?

    Oktoberfest is celebrated from the 17th of September through to October 3rd. In aged care you could pick any day during this period to host your event.


    Decorate the activity room like a German beer house with one or two long tables for people to eat and drink at with bright coloured tablecloths (blue and white checkered table cloth is tradition). Print out German flags and decorate with cardboard cutout beer mugs and pretzels.

    Print out decorations for tables, walls and add some colourful balloons hanging in the German flag colours black, red and yellow. 

    Dress up!

    Encourage all staff to dress up for the day! Women can wear dresses covered in aprons, hair in plaits or pigtails. Men can dress in shorts long socks with braces attached with hats if available. 

    Food, Drinks & Music!

    Play German music in the background during your German luncheon and serve German food such as sausage, cabbage, German potato salad, schnitzel, soft pretzels and black forest cake for dessert.

    If you have access to beer steins display them and of course, serve beer! Either alcoholic or non-alcoholic and also offer cool drinks or fruit punch that can be served in beer mugs. 

    Oktoberfest food

    Quiz Time

    Run a German quiz after lunch and finish with a singalong such as “Roll out the Barrell”, “There’s a Tavern in the Town” and the staff can stand out the front and do a display with actions to the” Birdie Dance” with the music and everyone clapping to end a great day!

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