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    This is a great quiz to run for your morning or afternoon trivia groups in aged care. This select list of questions and answers are written with the senior cooking enthusiast in mind.

    The Printable A4 version of the quiz can be found to download at the bottom of this page.

    If you were to “draw a chicken” what were you doing? 
    (A) remove the entrails (internal organs)

    What is a Dripping Pot & what was it used for? 
    (A) to drain the fat & juices into the Dripping Pot from the roasting dish which was used to roast meat. Dripping is saved to use in other dishes

    What is Forcemeat? 
    (A) a mixture of ground raw or cooked meat, poultry, fish, mixed with vegetables, bread crumbs, spices & seasonings

    What is Gammon? 
    (A) ham that has been cured or smoked like bacon

    What are Giblets? 
    (A) the liver, heart, gizzards and neck of a chicken or other fowl used to make gravy, stuffing or soup. In the past the head & feet were also considered giblets

    What was an icebox? 
    (A) wooden boxes lined with tin or zinc were a large block of ice was placed to keep food cold before electric refrigerators were available

    What is Junket? 
    (A) a milk-based dessert, made with sweetened milk and rennet. Also known as curds & whey

    What is a Neat’s tongue? 
    (A) a cow’s tongue

    What is offal? 
    (A) the organs of a butchered animal

    What kitchen item is a Rotary Beater? 
    (A) a handheld beater double blades that rotates when a geared wheel is rotated by turning the handle

    What is suet? 
    (A) the hard white fat on the kidneys and loins of cattle, sheep & other animals used to make foods such as puddings, pastry & mincemeat

    What are sweetbreads? 
    (A) organ meat from the thymus gland or pancreas usually from veal & lamb

    What is tripe? 
    (A) tripe is made from the stomach lining of an animal

    What is treacle? 
    (A) molasses

    If you are top & tailing beans what are you doing? 
    (A) cutting each end off the bean (hard parts) before cooking

    What is shortening? 
    (A) a term for butter or other fat used to make pastry or bread

    What is a larder? 
    (A) A room or cupboard to store food (pantry)

    What type of meal is bread & dripping? 
    (A) a slice of bread thickly spread with dripping (fat) out of the dripping pot and sprinkled with salt & pepper

    What is bread & butter pudding? 
    (A) slices of bread buttered and placed in baking dish overlapping also sometimes spread with jam, sprinkles with sultanas, whisked eggs milk & sugar then bake in the oven. Often served with custard, ice-cream or cream

    What is in old-fashioned mock chicken? 
    (A) diced onion, tomato chopped, butter, egg, grated cheese and 1 teaspoon mixed herbs. Cook in frypan served as a side dish or spread on sandwiches

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