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    To honor the wonderful talent of Olivia Newton-John and the fantastic movie musical Grease, we have created this fun quiz to host with seniors in aged care.

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    1. Australia claims Olivia is one of them but she is actually born in which country?
      (A) UK (Cambridge) Olivia came to live in Australia at the age of 5.
    2. In Grease the movie Olivia played a 17 year old girl but her actual age at the time was? (A) 29
    3. How many children does Olivia have?
      (A) 1, Chloe (daughter)
    4. Which actor was Olivia’s co-star in Grease?
      (A) John Travolta
    5. Olivia’s & John’s names in the movie Grease were?
      (A) Sandy & Danny
    6. What was Olivia Newton-John’s biggest solo song hit?
      (A) Physical
    1. The group of girls in the movie Grease wore jackets. What colour were they?
      (A) Pink, they were known as “The Pink Ladies”
    2. What was the colour of Danny’s shirt, socks and handkerchief at the dance?
      (A) Pink
    3. Greased Lightning was the name of what? (A) A Car
    4. What was the name of the high school that the Pink Ladies & The T- Birds attended in the movie? (A) Rydell
    5. Where was Sandy, Olivia Newton-John’s character in the movie from? (A) Australia

    1. Name the song with the sentence – “He showed up splashing around?” (A) Summer Nights
    2. Where did Sandy & Danny first meet in the movie? (A) Beach
    3. Complete these lyrics: “I got chills, they’re multiplying
      And I’m losing control, Cause the power you’re supplying it’s
      —————?” (A) Electrifying
    4. Finish these lyrics: “Took her bowlin’ at the arcade, we went strollin, drank ————?”
      (A) Lemonade
    5. True or false Olivia Newton-John is a Dame?
      (A) True, Dame Olivia Newton-John
      Olivia was made a Dame in the Queen’s New Year honors list in 2019, in recognition of her services to charity, cancer research and entertainment.

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