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    Olivia Newton-John was a much loved actress and singer and had rise to fame in the 70’s when many of our now seniors were enjoying entertainment through TV, movies and radio. She was a big part of popular culture and many of the elderly will have fond memories of her, especially in the iconic 1950’s themed movie musical Grease.

    Olivia was born in the UK but spent a lot of her early years in Australia. Olivia was first diagnosed with breast cancer 30 years ago and had treatment only to have it reappear and finally take her life, she passed away at her home in California at the age of 73. We will fondly remember Olivia for her beautiful voice, girl next door looks, environmental & animal rights activism and work to improve breast cancer treatment.

    Below we have some great guidelines and ideas for celebrating the life of this wonderful star together in aged care.

    When to host this event?

    At the time of publishing this article August 9th 2022, we received the sad news of Olivia’s passing.
    A tribute day could be held during August or on her birthday the following month
    26th September.

    Send out official invitations

    Send out invitations to all the residents and staff before the big event. We have prepared an invitation for you, just click the image below save it and print it. We have left space at the bottom for you to fill in any extra details.

    Print this invitation


    Decorate the activity room with a 1950’s theme as in the movie Grease. Use old records purchased from op shops or on loan, or make paper plate records and hang them from the ceiling. Add coloured balloons as centerpieces on tables.

    Turn the room into a Milk Bar / Diner from the 50s you could print out or make murals for the windows and walls like a jukebox, black musical notes and a photo prop.

    Here are some fantastic Grease party props we found on Amazon:

    Dress up!

    Encourage all staff and residents to dress up in 1950s fashion, the ladies could wear scarves tied around their necks and the poodle skirt was a very popular skirt of that era. The men could do slicked back hair and leather jackets.

    Dress up ideas for a Grease Movie Theme

    Quiz Time!

    Run an Olivia Newton-John and Grease quiz on the day. We have prepared one for you, just click on the image below.


    Supply some classic 50’s diner food to suit the afternoon! You can have french fries, mini burgers, hotdogs, milkshakes and root beer floaters (cool drink with ice cream on the top) banana splits is another great idea.

    Music & Dancing

    Music is very important for the day you could start with some of Olivia’s earlier music right through to the music from the movie Grease. Encourage some dancing and have all the staff and residents involved.

    Olivia Newton-John music playlist:

    • Country roads
    • I love you I honestly love you
    • Have you ever been mellow
    • If you love me let me know
    • Banks of the Ohio
    • Let me be there
    • Hopelessly devoted to you
    • Xanadu
    • We go together
    • Physical
    • Come on over
    • If not for you
    • Grease Megamix


    Have a discussion about Olivia’s life, her music, her legacy to help to cure cancer and her wellness center to help and treat cancer patients.

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