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    This article is to help activity coordinators in their planning the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebration in aged care, this day will be to honour Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years of service to the monarchy.

    When I was working as an Aged Care coordinator in 2012 the staff and I hosted the Queens Diamond Jubilee. It was a great team effort and the residents thoroughly enjoyed the day, here are some ideas that will help you in your planning this year.

    When to Celebrate?

    The celebration will be held on Friday 3 June 2022
    The original date was on the 6th of February 2022 but in true Queen style, the Queen is celebrating 5 months later.

    Send out official invitations

    Send out invitations to all the residents and staff before the big event. We have prepared an invitation for you, just click the image below and print. We have left space at the bottom for you to fill in any extra details.


    Present your activity room with decorations for the day.
    British flags, Pictures of the Queen, London, double-decker buses, props cut out of cardboard, etc
    Buy tablecloths and decorations for the tables – going with the red, white & blue union jack theme (can be found cheap at discount stores).

    Make the Queens Throne

    Create a space in the room for a throne, it can be easily made with a high back chair covered in gold and red material with embellishments. Have a red carpet leading up to the throne and a backdrop of gold tinsel, this will make it look grand! We have supplied some images below for inspiration.

    Dress up

    For our Diamond Jubilee in 2012, the staff dressed up as some of the Royal family, Charles, Camilla, Queen Mother, the press, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the foot soldier.

    A volunteer was our Queen and she even bought her little corgi dog on a lead with her.

    Aged care staff dressed up for the Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012

    The excitement when we came through the entrance was wonderful, we gave our residents the royal wave as we headed for the red carpet and Royal Throne.

    Residents waved their little flags with enthusiasm as our Queen was seated on her throne.

    The Queen gave a speech thanking everyone for coming to the Royal High Tea afternoon and introduced the rest of the royal family and staff to everyone.

    Residents lined up to see the Queen and have photos taken with her and chatted with the royal family, there was lots of laughter.

    High Tea

    After the Royal Family has entered and the Queen has made her speech, have everyone seated to enjoy the high-tea luncheon.

    Plan a high tea and have crockery and finger food organised by the kitchen for after the ceremony. Display some Royal Themed Cakes and desserts.

    Beautiful Royal Cupcakes

    Get the kitchen onboard to arrange small plates of sandwiches, cakes and biscuits.

    Have pretty teapots and sandwich plates, 3-tier if possible with decorative napkins.

    Fine china with 3 tier display for high-tea


    As your Queen enters the room play a recorded version of God Saves The Queen, during high tea run a classical music playlist. We have provided both for you below.

    Run a Quiz

    After your high-tea host a Royal Quiz, we have prepared one for you. The questions are suited for seniors in aged care.

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