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    Here is a huge list of 50’s & 60’s TV trivia we have compiled for aged care activity coordinators to use during activity time in aged care. Seniors will love this quiz and be inspired to join in conversation about the good old days.

    The 1950’s TV shows

    Can you guess the name of this very funny show which started in the 50s?
    A young couple lived in an apartment and had neighbors Fred & Ethel Mertz.
    The wife was a very clumsy accident prone women. Her husband’s name was Ricky and he was a South American band leader.
    The show was I love …..
    Answer: Lucy
    Starring Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz

    This was a really popular show in the 50s.
    It was based on two Mexican gentlemen who wore large sombreros. 
    One of the men the sidekick was named Poncho.
    They were known as desperadoes in the eyes of the law but known as saviors to the poor and downtrodden people.
    What was the name of the show?
    Answer: The Cisco Kid

    This was a popular TV show in the 50s.
    In 1951, an actor George Reeves starred in this show. 
    He worked at the Daily Planet as a reporter and had a girlfriend Lois Lane.
    Answer: The adventures of Superman

    William Boyd starred in this TV show.
    It was a western he was always dressed in black and rode a white horse named Topper. Williams character was known as Hoppy.
    Answer: Hopalong Cassidy

    This was also a western TV show starring a women Gail Davis.
    Gail became a side kick to Roy Rogers later in the 50s.
    In the show Gail was a rancher and her characters first name was Annie 
    Answer: Annie Oakley

    This show started in the 50s and still runs occasionally today.
    Allen Funt created and hosted the show which was a big hit.
    He filmed unsuspecting citizens in the street wearing many disguises.
    His catchphrase was, Smile your on
    Answer: Candid camera

    This was also a western TV show starting in 1951
    The main actor had a golden palomino horse called Trigger and a German shepherd named Bullet.
    He also had a girlfriend Dale Evans.
    Answer: Roy Rogers

    This was also a popular western TV show.
    The star actor was Clayton Moore.
    The show always opened with Moore galloping along on his white stallion Silver to the music of The William Tell Overture. Then Silver would rear up and the star would shout “Hi-ho, Silver
    Answer: The Lone Ranger

    This show starred a dog a German Shepherd.
    The story was based around a fort named Fort Apache.
    A young orphaned boy named Rusty and his dog was adopted by the calvary soldiers at the fort in Arizona.
    The show was named after Rustys dog.
    Answer: The Adventure of Rin Tin Tin

    This was also a popular western.
    Starring Guy Madison as a US Marshall James Butler.
    The character had a sidekick with a warm sunny disposition named Jingles played by Andy Devine with a gravelly voice. What was it called?
    Answer: Wild Bill Hickok

    This show also a western starred Michael Ansara as the Indian chief Cochise chief of the Apaches.
    It showed the American Indians in a positive light, fighting the renegades at the Chiricahua Reservation and dishonest white eyes who prayed on the Indians. The show was called?
    Answer: Broken Arrow

    This show was a popular music show starring and hosting a very flamboyant pianist who wore sparkling outfits.
    He had a huge cheesy, pearly toothed smile.
    Older women loved him. The show was named after his name.
    Answer: The Liberace Show

    This was a popular western TV show.
    With his granite jaw face and moustache John Russell was Marshall Dan Troop of Laramie. Also starring Peter Brown as his young deputy, Johnnie McKay; Bek Nelson as Dru Lemp owner of the Blue Bonnet Cafe; Barbara Long as Julie Tate editor of the Laramie newspaper, and Peggy Castle as Lily Merrill, proprietor of the Birdcage Saloon. 
    What was the show?
    Answer: The Lawman

    This was a very popular show starting in 1954.
    It went under a few different names and was a big hit on sunday nights for families everywhere.
    It was named after its creator.
    Some names it had earlier on were  Frontier land, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland & Adventureland.
    The host and creator was an cartoon animator.
    Answer: Disneyland
    What was the creators name?
    Answer: Walt Disney

    This show was very popular starring a Collie dog.
    In the early shows in the 50s the dog lived on a farm with a family called the Millers. A young boy Jeff, his widowed mother Ellen and Gramps, Jeffs grandad played by George Cleveland.
    The dog a brave and loyal collie always stole the show . What was the name of the dog and popular TV show?
    Answer: Lassie

    This was a popular comedy show.
    It starred Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden a New York bus driver living in a small apartment with his wife Alice Kramden played by Audrey Meadows, then later Sheila Macrae. Their upstairs neighbors were Ed Norton and his wife Trixie . What was the name of this funny show?
    Answer: The Honeymooners

    This show started in 1948 and it ran till 1971.
    It was televisions longest running variety show in ran on Sunday nights for 23 years.
    Its host could not sing or dance but knew who could.
    Everyone that was who’s who of the entertainment world appeared on the show. An American show.
    The host often appeared ill at ease when hosting the show. The show was named after the host. Can you guess the name of the show?
    Answer: The Ed Sullivan Show

    This show was a great success with Raymond Burr playing a successful criminal lawyer who always secured an in court confession from the real culprits.
    He had a secretary named Della Street played by Barbara Hale.
    What was the name of this successful TV show?
    Answer: Perry Mason

    This was a very popular western TV series starting in 1955
    James Arness played Marshall Matt Dillon in Dodge City, Kansas.
    Amanda Blake was Kitty Russell owner of the Long Branch Saloon, Dennis Weaver was Chester B. Goode, Dillions deputy. Milburn Stone played Doc Adams.
    What was the name of this show?
    Answer: Gunsmoke

    The 1960’s TV shows

    Set in Chicago in the 1930s, the hour long crime show was based on real life exploits of Eliot Ness and his squad of Treasury agents.
    It was a violent series for that time and received a lot of criticism.
    Robert Stack starred as Elliot Ness .
    What was the name of this show?
    Answer: The Untouchables

    This was one of the most popular western series in the 1960s
    It was the story of the Cartwrights who owned the property the Ponderosa.
    Lorne Green played the widowed father, Ben Cartwright. He had sons Big Hoss, Adam and little Joe.
    What was the name of the show?
    Answer: Bonanza

    This is the longest running soap opera in the world, it first aired in December 1960.
    It is an English show that follows the lives of the characters in their terraced houses, cafe, corner shop, newsagent, factory and the Rovers Return Pub.
    What is the name of this long running show?
    Answer: Coronation Street

    This popular show started in 1961 the story of a handsome neurosurgeon at County General Hospital.
    The lead actor was Vince Edwards.
    His opening words on the show were, Man, women, birth, death, infinity…
    He was a heartthrob to many of his female audience.
    What was the show called?
    Answer: Ben Casey

    This was a great show starting in 1960.
    The small town of Mayberry, North Carolina was the setting for this series.
    Sheriff Andy Taylor was a widower with a young son Opie played by Ron Howard.
    They lived with Andy’s Aunt Bee. Andy’s deputy was his cousin Barney played by Don Knotts. As there was not much crime in the town of Mayberry the stories revolved around the characters in the show.
    What was the show called?
    Answer: The Andy Griffith Show

    After the divorce from her husband this funny actress returned to TV with a new show. Her character was Lucille Carter a secretary for her boss and brother in-law Harrison Carter played by Gale Gordon who ran an employment agency.
    Her children in real life played her on screen children Kim & Craig.
    The actress was Lucille Ball in…..
    Answer: Here’s Lucy

    This show starred the handsome Roger Moore as Simon Templar, a handsome investigator who mixed pleasure and business tracking down the culprits, always a beautiful woman not to far away. Based on novels written by Leslie Charteris.
    What was the name of the show?
    Answer: The Saint

    This was one of day times biggest success stories. Based around a hospital and the lives of all who worked there. First episode was in 1963.
    The show was?
    Answer: General Hospital

    This show appeared on TV in 1961 the star role was a horse.
    The horse was owned by a work from home Architect Wilbur Post, played by Alan Young. The horses stable was down the bottom of the yard and the horse could talk to Wilbur.
    What was the name of the show?
    Answer: Mr Ed

    This popular show which started in 1960 starred Fred MacMurray as widower Steve Douglas, trying to raise 3 young boys. The boys grandfather Bub also lived with them and was the housekeeper for the all male clan.
    Later on in the series 1964 Bub was replaced by a live in uncle Charlie O’Casey. The show followed the lives of the family even when the sons grew up and got married. The boys names on the show were Mike, Robbie & Chip. Eventually Steve Douglas married in 1969 on the show to Barbara who had a daughter named Dodie.
    What was the name of the show?
    Answer: My Three Sons

    This was a very funny English TV show featuring a father and son characters in 1962.
    The father & son were a rag and bone team. The father Albert and his son Harold.
    The father Albert was a stubborn and lazy old man and his son Harold was always attempting to better himself and trying to escape from his dad which always failed.
    What was the name of this funny show starring Wilfred Brambell as Albert and son Harold played by Harry H. Corbett?
    Answer: Steptoe and Son

    This show was the story of a Doctor working at Blair General Hospital.
    The Doctor played by Richard Chamberlain was a young intern trying to win the respect of older Doctor,  Dr Leonard Gillespie played by Raymond Massey. It was a true to life stories of situations happening while working in a hospital.
    What was the name of the show?
    Answer: Dr Kildare

    The star of this show starting in 1964 was a Dolphin.
    He went on many adventures with the Ricks family. The two sons named Sandy & Bud were often saved by the brave Dolphin named……
    Answer: Flipper

    This comedy show started in 1964 and was about a good natured Marine stationed at Camp Henderson, California. The private was always at logger heads with his Sergeant, Sergeant Carter played by Frank Sutton.
    The leader actor was played by Jim Nabors. What was the name of this funny show?
    Answer: Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C

    This also was a funny show about the Navy started back in 1962.
    It was about a dysfunctional crew PT-73 stationed at Taratupa in the Pacific Islands. Some of the characters were Captain Bingham, bungling Ensign Charles Parker and Ernest Borgnine played a lead role as Lieutenant Commander Quentin McHale.
    What was the name of the show?
    Answer: McHales Navy

    In 1963 this show appeared on the screen. Based around the small rural community of Hooterville a widowed mother with 3 daughters runs a hotel named The Shady Rest Hotel. Uncle Joe helps Bea and her daughters around the hotel.
    The rail road vice president threatens to close the steam driven branch which will affect all the good residents of Hooterville  
    What was the name of this popular show?
    Answer: Petticoat Junction

    This show was a macabre, but always amusing about a strange family based on a comic strip.
    The husband known as Gomez, his wife  Morticia, daughter Wednesday, son Pugsley, Uncle Fester and butler Lurch. They also had a cousin IT and Thing a hand which appeared from a box.
    What was the name of this show?
    Answer: The Addams Family

    This was a great comedy from 1962 about a backward family who strikes oil and becomes rich and moves to California. The cast included Jed Clampett, Granny, Jethro, Elly May.
     The neighbors and head of the bank Milburn Drysdale and his secretary Jane Hathaway. The shows name was….
    Answer: The Beverly Hillbillies

    This was a good show that came out in 1963 about a man named Richard Kimble played by David Janssen. A Dr who was falsely convicted of his wife murder and sentenced to death. On the way to prison under police guard on a train, the train derails and Richard sees his chance to escape. And so he begins his search to find his wifes killer a one armed man he saw leaving the crime scene. What was the name of this popular TV show?
    Answer: The Fugitive

    This became popular in 1964 about a family who lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Mockingbird Heights, in a cobweb covered gothic mansion.
    They saw themselves as a normal American family but to everyone else they were far from normal. The family consisted of father Herman, wife Lily they had a son Eddie and Grandpa lived with them. They also had a very attractive niece Marilyn living with them.
    What was the name of this spooky family and TV show?
    Answer: The Munsters

    This TV show appeared in 1966 about a millionaire named Bruce Wayne who lived in Gotham City and had a secret identity with side kick Dick Grayson, known as Robin. Together the dynamic duo helped the police in Gotham City keep law and order often fighting criminals like The Riddler, Penguin & The Joker.
    The name of the show?
    Answer: Batman

    This show appeared in 1964 about Darren and Samantha Stevens. Samantha’s mother Endora was played by Agnes Moorhead.
    Samantha would twitch her nose and make magic happen.
    The name of the show?
    Answer: Bewithched

    On our screens in 1966 an African adventure set in Wameru Study Centre for animal behavior.
    There starred Clarence the crossed eyed lion and Judy the chimp. The human stars were Paula Tracy, Dr Marsh Tracy and Jack Dane.
    What was the name of the show?
    Answer: Daktari

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