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    Skittles can be a fun and social game to facilitate in aged care, seniors will benefit from the social aspect and the light physical movement. Bowling is a game that they would have enjoyed in their youth so bringing it into aged care will encourage them to reminisce on days gone by.

    You can cater the game to the size of your group and skittles set. For a 10 pin skittles set you could give each player 3 bowls, or with a 6 pin set just 2 bowls.

    The aim of the game is to knock down as many pins as you can with each bowl of the ball.
    To knock down all the pins with one shot is called a “strike”.

     Basic rules to play a fun social game of skittles.

    • Have a good clear space to play it must be flat.
    • Set up the pins and have the game ready to start when everyone arrives.
    • Mark a line on the floor for players to bowl from. It can be up to 5 meters from skittles. (modify the distance to suit your players)
    • Give each player 3 bowls per round and the balls should be bowled in an underarm fashion.
    • As the pins fall they should be taken away only leaving the standing pins left on the floor to be knocked over with the players remaining shots.
    • If a strike is scored stand all pins up again if the player still has remaining shots to complete.  They have a chance of receiving a high score.
    • If time permits play a few rounds giving everyone 3 bowls per round.
    • Keep scores on a whiteboard.
    • Provide seating for everyone while waiting their turn and provide a chair at the bowling line for anyone who would prefer to bowl sitting down. 
    • Provide refreshments during or after the game to keep everyone hydrated.

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