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    I’m always keen to take new activity products to trial at work and watch how my residents enjoy using them, especially my residents who have dementia.

    This week I took in a Skittle set and the cute stackable Penguin game for the seniors to enjoy. Both games came in a clear PVC carry bags with a sturdy zipper.

    Soft Toy Games should be practical

    I have often found the larger Skittles games quite tiresome as an activity director, having to set them up on the ground and always chasing the ball and bending over positioning the skittles after every shot. The great thing about this latest skittle set – It is more compact and can be played on a tabletop, it has just 6 pins and is very sturdy with a soft padded coating.

    I sat my residents around the table and set up the skittles on the table. The person opposite the skittles took the bowling ball and rolled it towards the pins and as they fell down they were put aside and the person playing kept rolling the balls until all pins fell down.

    Another senior resident was sitting behind the skittles at the other end of the table and collected the bowling ball and the knocked over pins and rolling the ball back to the person playing. Sometimes the ball would venture off and other residents sitting around the table would catch it and roll it back to the player.

    There was lots of laughter and comments as everyone joined in on the game, everyone really enjoyed it and other residents hearing the laughter came over and wanted to join in too.

    Everyone joined in and was a part of the game not just having to sit and wait for their turn to play.

    The stackable Penguin game was very enjoyable to play as well, some residents preferred to stand up and throw the balls at the penguins and the format worked very well on a table scenario.

    Both table games I would highly recommend – everyone had fun!

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