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    Welcome to Memory Lane Therapy’s Tool Shed Quiz for seniors. This fun quiz will give the men something to talk about but the women will also enjoy it too!
    This can be enjoyed as a fun and social activity anytime!

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    These are used to reach high places, some are very long some are shorter they use to be made of timber but now they are made of metal?  (A) Ladder

    A tool that is still used today I have a toe, back, nib, upper and lower horn and teeth? 
    (A) Hand saw

    Not used as often today but is a heavy iron block on which metal is placed to be shaped , originally by hand with a hammer?  (A) Anvil

    Being a wood working tool which can be used for producing timber of even thickness by shaving wood from the surface of boards?  (A) Wood Planer

    Used very often in the garden a small open cart with one wheel and two handles that is used for carrying things, designed to be pushed?  (A) Wheelbarrow

    Comes in all shapes and sizes is a hand tool with one medium length handle usually made of wood, it has an attached blade made of steel and is used for digging, moving soil & lifting? 
    (A) Shovel

    Used on grass it is pushed from behind some have small engines some are electric the original ones had to be manually pushed along by man power. Grass can be made the same height and large areas can be manicured by a small tractor style model called a ride on? 
    (A) Lawnmower

    A simple tool with a steel head and a wooden handle used to shape, split and cut wood also used as a weapon in times gone by and used in some ceremonies? (A) Axe

    Some woodworkers would say this is one of the most versatile power tools it hollows out an area in hard material such as wood or plastics and is widely used in cabinetry it has a flat base and a rotating blade?  (A) Router

    It has a long handle and two to five tines used to lift, throw or pitch loose material such as hay, grass, leaves some of these can loosen soil in garden beds? 
    (A) Pitch fork or garden fork

    A small hand held tool used for different jobs around the home it can be used to dig the garden bed or special flatter ones used with masonry cement for brickwork or stonework? (A) Trowel

    This is a great tool to use to keep weeds down in the vegetable garden, piling the soil around the base of plants and digging furrows or shallow trenches to plant seeds or bulbs?  (A) Hoe

    I come in metal or plastic varieties with a long timber handle I’m used for scraping together or heaping up leaves or grass?  (A) Rake

    Used for pruning cutting limbs off trees with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain driven along a guide bar different models available now petrol driven, electric or recently battery powered.  Great for cutting firewood a great tool for the shed?  (A) Chainsaw

    Great for painting large areas you would use a brush first to cut in all the corners and around doors and windows then you use this useful tool to roll paint on all the walls and ceilings? 
    (A) Paint roller

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