Activities for St Patrick’s Day

Activities for Seniors | By Debbie Davison
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Saint Patrick's Day on March 17th can be a fun and eventful day in aged care, below is a collection of activities for you to include in this year's St Patrick's Day Festivities. 
Table Centerpiece for St Patrick's Day

One wine glass turned upside down

Buy green trinkets at a discount store to place under the glass

Add some green ribbon to glass stem as a bow tie

Add little green hats, store-bought or make them

What is your Lucky Leprechaun Name
Here is a poster to print out for a bit of fun to have with the residents.
First, take the first letter of your name
Then what month you were born
Put them together to make your funny Leprechaun name

Right Click on the Image and "Save as" - then print 

The Green Quiz

Name 3 fruits that are green?
(A) Apple, lime, grapes, pear, kiwifruit.

Tom Jones had a big hit with this song “Green Green?
(a) Grass of Home.

This Muppet was the compare of The Muppet Show he was a very green colour and sang a song it's not easy being green what was his name?
(A) Kermit the Frog.

If you have a green thumb what does it mean?
(A) You are a good gardener.

Name the popular green Muppet who lived in a rubbish bin on Sesame Street?
(A) Hint he was grouchy, Oscar the Grouch.

If you are green around the gills what does it mean?
(A) Feeling unwell.

Name 3 green vegetables?
(A) peas, cabbage, beans, asparagus, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cucumber, spinach, leeks.

What is the name of someone who maintains the grass at a bowling green, cricket pitch or grassed oval?
(A) Greenskeeper

How many leaves does the lucky Irish clover have it is said to be lucky if you find one?
(A) 4 leaf clover.

Who wrote the popular children’s book titled “Green Eggs and Ham” in 1960?
(A) Dr. Seuss

What is the name of the traditional English folk song written in 1580 with green in its name? Many ice-cream vans play the tune as they drive through the streets?
(A) Greensleeves.

The door may be black now but which famous London address had a green door it is a well-known address in British politics?
(A) 10 Downing Street.

What precious gemstone is the colour green and starts with E?
(A) Emerald

What 2 colours do you mix together to make the colour green?
(A) Blue & yellow.

What is the girl's name from the book and series based around Green Gables?
(A) Anne

Irish Jokes
Everyone loves a good old Irish joke and St Patrick's Day is a great time to pull out your best collection for a good laugh. We have compiled a list for you to print out and use during your St Patrick's Day festivities.

Click here to take a look. 
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