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    This is a great art activity for Seniors that everyone can enjoy and create a beautiful piece of art work.

    These types of simple creative activities can be enjoyed by a person living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, It’s an activity that turns out well giving everyone who participates a sense of achievement. 

    How to create a leaf painting

    Pick leaves from the garden, fern leaves are good and leaves with lots of patterns, choose medium to small size leaves (flat ones are best).

    Place pots of coloured paint on the table and give everyone a sheet of paper, then ask them to choose a leaf.

    Each person chooses a colour then paints their leaf with that colour using a small paint brush.

    Then turn their painted leaf over onto their sheet of paper pressing the painted side down. Slowly peel the leaf off the paper and it will leave its beautiful painted print.

    Choose other leaves and other colours and allow the creative mind to run free.

    This is an easy art activity that everyone can do and is always thoroughly enjoyable. 

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