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Making Fruit Kebabs

This is a no-cook creative food activity that will bring lots of joy to seniors during activity time. When fruit is plentiful and in season this can be the perfect and healthy activity to enjoy in a group setting.

Drying and Pressing Flowers

This is great activity to enjoy with seniors and residents in aged care, I remember doing this activity as a young girl with my grandmother it was always very enjoyable even though it was a time-consuming project.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar | Thanksgiving for Seniors

Doing craft and cooking activities during Thanksgiving is a great way to bring family and friends together. For seniors living with Alzheimer’s activities like this can be therapeutic helping to take the mind off stresses and enjoy the moment.

News & Views

A great way to start the morning in memory care. This activity would be held while enjoying our morning tea shortly after our walking group, we would commence with news and views every morning.

Painting using Leaves

This is a great art activity for Seniors that everyone can enjoy and create a beautiful piece of art work. These types of simple creative activities can be enjoyed by a person living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, It’s an activity that turns out well giving everyone who participates a sense of achievement.