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    This is a creative and thoughtful art & craft activity to facilitate for International Nurses Day (May 12th) in aged care. It is very simple to do and the result always looks great.

    Materials needed for this craft activity

    1. Clean tiles 4 x 4 squares or round will work

    2. Mod Podge & paint brush

    3. Cork backing sheet

    4. Scissors or box cutter

    5. Printable quotes made to size. Click HERE for ideas.

    6. Matte clear acrylic sealer (spray can)

    7. Glue gun or strong glue to stick cork backing to tiles

    8. Old newspaper

    9. Heavy weights (books etc)


    • Make sure all tiles are clean, one for each Nurse.

    • Print out Nursing quotes a fraction smaller than tiles.

    • Apply mod podge to the front of the tile and place the quote cut-out print on top smoothing it out so no bubbles or creases are seen, then let dry for approx 20 minutes.
    • Apply 2 more coats of mod podge over the print allowing drying time between each coat.

    • When dry apply 2 coats of matte acrylic clear sealer from a spray can approx 20 minutes between coats to printed tile, this makes the top of the tile waterproof when a coffee cup or glass is placed on it.

    • Cut cork backing a fraction smaller than the tile size and glue to the back of the tile.

    • Place a sheet of newspaper over the top of the tile coaster and place something heavy on top to help the cork stick to the bottom of the tile.

    • Hand one out to all staff Nurses and retired Nurses for International Nurses Day to say thank you.

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