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    Embark on a journey through history and culture as Memory Lane Therapy presents Famous People Quiz specially written for seniors. In the realm of aged care, where every moment is an opportunity for connection and cognitive stimulation, this quiz promises not just fun but a dash of intriguing knowledge.

    All About the Famous People Quiz

    Unleash the curious minds of your residents as they delve into questions about iconic figures. From artists to leaders, the quiz covers a spectrum of personalities, making it a perfect activity to spark conversations, reminiscence, and perhaps a few light-hearted debates. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a bit of mental exercise wrapped in the charm of famous faces? Let the quiz games begin!

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    Download the Printable A4 Version of this quiz at the bottom of this blog post.

    Answer Quiz Now!

    1. What was Pablo Picasso famous for?
    • (A) Painting – Artist
    1. The two men Armstrong & Aldrin were the first men on the?
    • (A) Moon
    1. Which title that includes the word “lady” is given to the wife of the US President?
    • (A) First Lady
    1. What is the first name of the scientist Newton?
    • (A) Isaac
    1. What was the profession of Mother Teresa?
    • (A) Nun
    1. Which sport did John McEnroe play?
    • (A) Tennis
    1. Mahatma Gandhi was a leader in which country?
    • (A) India
    1. What nickname did Al Capone have after having a knife fight and being injured?
    • (A) Scarface
    1. Marie Antoinette was famous for saying “Let them Eat”?
    • (A) Cake
    1. What name is the French heroine Jeanne d’Arc also known as?
    • (A) Joan of Arc
    1. Attila was the leader of which Asian tribe?
    • (A) The Huns
    1. King Camp Gillette invented what men’s useful item?
    • (A) Razor
    1. Thomas John Barnardo set up homes for who?
    • (A) Children
    1. Which French leader had the surname Bonaparte?
    • (A) Napoleon
    1. Which legendary king had a court in Camelot?
    • (A) Arthur


    1. Mona Lisa is a famous what, created by Leonardo Da Vinci’s?
    • (A) Painting
    1. Margaret Thatcher was known as who because of her strong views?
    • (A) The Iron Lady
    1. Queen Nefertiti ruled which country?
    • (A) Egypt
    1. Which US president was known by the initials JFK?
    • (A) John Kennedy
    1. Mark Antony was in love with which famous Queen?
    • (A) Cleopatra

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    Download your printable PDF copy of The Famous People Quiz for Seniors