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    Doing a craft activity with magazines is fun and gives seniors in aged care much to talk about.

    Before mobile phones were around magazines were the best source of media, in an era that our senior residents are familiar with.

    Here are a couple of great activities you can enjoy in your craft group using magazines. 

    You will need:

    ✿ Old Magazines

    ✿ Several Pairs of scissors

    ✿ Scrap Books

    ✿ Glue Sticks

    ✿ Pens, pencils, glitter, stickers or any other decorative things

    Activity 1

    The first activity is to give everyone a pair of scissors and some magazines.

    On a whiteboard write up a few suggestions for pictures to be found.

    For example: dogs, cars, flowers, hats, cats, babies

    Ask everyone to start looking through the magazines and to cut out all the suggestions from up on the whiteboard.

    See how many pictures everyone can find and talk about the pictures found. Put all the pictures in groups on the table, flowers pictures together, car pictures together, etc. 

    Activity 2

    For the second part of the activity, we can glue the pictures into scrapbooks in groups.
    You could have one scrapbook with just flowers, another one with pictures of dogs, another one with pictures of cars and so on.

    Give everyone a scrapbook each to make.  

    One resident would make a car scrapbook another person would make a flower scrapbook.

    Each person could decorate their scrapbooks in any way they would like with stickers, felt pens, glitter etc.

    The finished scrapbooks would be kept as a resource and used to help residents in memory care, to encourage conversation 1:1 time with say someone who loved flowers and gardening.

    Maybe a gentleman loved cars and you could go through the car scrapbook with them., another person might have been a cat lover. The ideas are endless.

    A worthwhile and useful activity for residents to do and make, and to be used to help others.

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